Huge drama in Bedi house after Raj’s entry in Kasam


Raj surprises Rano by giving her gifts and arranging a surprise for her. Rano likes the taj mahal miniature. Raj sings a romantic song for Rano and dance. Raj gets a pram and tells Rano that they will be becoming grandparents now.

Raj tells them that he will take the baby in the garden and tell everyone that this is his grandchild. Rano throws the pram and says this is not Rishi and Tanuja’s child, there will be no child. Rishi tries to stop Rano. Rano gets angry. Raj is unwell. Raj does not know what is Rano meaning to say. Rano is willing to tell Raj. Rishi stops Rano. Raj stops Rishi and asks Rano to tell it. Rano holds Tanuja’s hand and asks her to leave from the house. Tanuja asks about Raj uncle. Rano asks Tanuja to just leave, as her child will not be their heir. Rano scolds Tanuja. Rishi comes to rescue and reminds Raj’s state to Rano.


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