Shivika’s forced marriage twist shocks Oberois in Ishqbaaz


Shivay takes Sahil to talk and convince him. Shivay gifts many toys to Sahil. He thinks its too easy to convince him by chocolates and toys. Sahil does not agree and throws the toys. Shivay asks Sahil did he likes all this. Sahil does not like anything.

Shivay asks Sahil to speak out, what does he want. Sahil asks him what can he give. Sahil says I heard of your cooking skills. He demands Shivay’s handmade dishes. Shivay agrees and thinks the deal is done between them. Sahil stops Shivay and asks him to not show attitude, and be good towards Anika. They both agree on same point that they can’t see Anika crying. Shivay agrees that he will not hurt Anika’s heart, for the fact that he can’t see her crying. Shivay complains about Anika. Sahil does not hear anything against Anika. Sahil asks Shivay to respect Anika. Sahil talks like a grown up responsible brother and asks Shivay not to make him forget that he is a kid, else he will not leave Shivay. There is a cute argument between Shivay and Sahil. Sahil asks Shivay to have a big heart, than just being elder in age.

Anika is sure that Sahil will never agree to stay here. Shivay succeeds to convince Sahil. Shivay tells Anika that Sahil will stay here. Omkara and Rudra get glad to get a young member at home. Sahil is glad to stay with Soumya. He blushes seeing Soumya and makes plans with her. Sahil talks sweetly. Rudra and Omkara ask Sahil to share room with them. Rudra and Sahil have humor checks, while Omkara is troubled with the same question, why did Anika marry Shivay when she was not helpless.

Omkara tries to know why was Anika helpless, who has forced her to marry Shivay. Rudra suggests they can ask Shivay. Omkara is sure Shivay will not tell them directly. Omkara finds they are close to know the answers.

On the other hand, Randhawa goes mad to take revenge. Randhawa cages Priyanka and threatens her that he will re-open the case and trap Omkara in it. Priyanka asks him not to do anything against her brother. Randhawa asks Priyanka to decide to save Omkara’s life or agree for marriage. Priyanka comes home and is worried thinking about the decision. Omkara and Rudra are busy in finding out the truth of Shivay-Anika’s marriage. Omkara gets the CCTV footage to know answers.


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