Soumya determines to get Harman remarried in Shakti


Soumya is facing troubles by Preeto every day. She decides to convince Harman for second marriage. Harman gets a shock when Soumya asks him to remarry. Harman asks Soumya who will marry him. He asks her not to say about this again.

Soumya keeps on insisting and asks Harman to remarry. Harman says I agree to you always. She asks what did you agree. He says I have been drinking bitter kada and agreeing to you since many days. Soumya cries and tells him that she can’t take his family ahead, she can’t give him his child as she is a kinner. She asks Harman to think of having a child and remarry. Harman tells Soumya that if he remarried, his new wife will never bear Soumya and kick her out of the house. He says Preeto and his other wife will trouble Soumya more. He asks Soumya not to worry for his heir, as he has no demands from their relation.

Harman asks Soumya to get food for him and end the discussion. Soumya is worried seeing Harman’s selfless love and wishes he remarries and settles to have his own family. Harman tells Soumya that she is his first and last wife. Harman does not agree to remarry, as he truly loves Soumya. Soumya wants to make Harman marry Surbhi. Preeto has pressurized Soumya to convince Harman by any way. Preeto wants her grandson and is angered to see her kinner bahu. Harman is worried for Soumya’s future and does not want to make any promise to Soumya and Preeto.


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