Karwachauth twists upset Rishi and Tanuja in Kasam


Tanuja has kept the Karwachauth fast, but Rishi is annoyed with her. Rishi does not want her to keep fast for him. Rishi asks Tanuja why did she keep the fast, when she is pregnant. Rishi asks Tanuja why does she want to pray for his life, after cheating him.

Tanuja does the puja along with the family. Tanuja loves Rishi and keeps the fast. She is not able to say the pregnancy truth. Rishi keeps Raj away from the matter. Rishi does not want Raj to guess what’s the problem. Rishi and Tanuja went court to take divorce, and divorce did not happen. Rishi talks to Malaika. She spoils the things and asks Rishi to break her fast. Rishi tells her that he is married to Tanuja, and asks her not to keep fast for him. Malaika says I m sure you will marry me, after giving divorce to Tanuja. Rishi is troubled by both Tanuja and Malaika, and leaves. Keep reading.


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