Naina mistaken over Sanjana’s new plans in Pardes


There is big melodrama in Mehra family. Sanjana’s pregnancy news has come out. Pam is very angry and asks Sanjana what will she answer her sister now. She asks Sanjana to leave from the house as she will not let anyone bad to stay here.

Raghav comes in between and explains Dadi not to make Sanjana out. Dadi agrees and asks Sanjana to stay back. Ira tells Naina that Sanjana had filed molestation blame on Raghav and then took the matter back, but something was between Raghav and Sanjana, else why would he take her side. Ira says Raghav was mad about Sanjana, he lied to Naina and played game with Naina and Veer to get them married, so that he can impress Dadi and marry Sanjana. Naina cries when her break trusts. She is told a different story by Ira. Naina thinks if Sanjana is really pregnant by Raghav’s child.

Raghav is trying to do good for everyone, and yet misunderstood again. Pam cries and hugs Dadi asking what will I do now, how will I answer Sanjana’s mum. Dadi can’t believe the happenings. Raghav requests Dadi to accept Sanjana for Veer, and get them married to rectify Veer’s mistake. Raghav loved Sanjana and now its tough for him also. Raghav convinces Dadi for Veer and Sanjana’s marriage. Sudha asks Ira to stop it and not tell anything to Naina. Sudha and Pam plotted Sanjana’s pregnancy drama. Sanjana tells them that its Veer’s child, which shocks Dadi. Dadi pacifies Pam. Sudha and Pam are doing this to get Sanjana and Veer married, so that Dadi stops making her new will. They want the property to come to Veer’s name, instead Raghav and Naina. Will Naina understand Raghav is innocent and Sanjana is faking her pregnancy for property? Keep reading.


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