P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke – Breaks in Relationships


Mrs. Khan asks Imaan to decide himself about his marriage with Nazneen. She tells him about Nazneen not accepting Salim’s love and marriage proposal as Nazneen did not know she is a widow or not.

Mrs. Khan feels proud of Nazneen and ashamed of Imaan for cheating Nazneen. Imaan decides and breaks the marriage with Nazneen, by telling her about Nandini. Nazneen slaps Imaan and walks off. Salim asks Imaan why did he spoil everything by speaking truth. Imaan finds he has done right and thinks of uniting Salim and Nazneen. Nazneen is angry on Salim for hiding this matter for 17 long years. She feels cheated by both Imaan and Salim, and tells Salim that she does not want anyone in her life now. Nazneen does not want to talk to Imaan. Imaan loses his family once again. Imaan regrets over his mistake and wants to leave Nazneen free now. Nazneen files for divorce with Imaan. On the other hand, Harleen feels she would have left home instead Sartaj. Sartaj goes to meet Indira after having a conversation on phone. Indira fools Sartaj of love to get the secrets out. Sartaj files for divorce with Harleen to re-begin his life with Indira.



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