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Naamkarann: Dayavanti and Ketan lock Avni in the room. Avni cries when Dayavanti scolds her. Avni argues with Dayavanti. Avni is actually recording the old moments with the help of Aladin for her movie.

Chandra Nandni:

Chandra and Nandini’s brother have a sword fight. Nandini’s brother kills Satya. Nandini tries to stop her brother, but fails. Chandra asks Nandini how can she forget his hatred when he spoke nicely with her. He tells Nandini that he will ruin her family now. He asks Nandini to think of her sister’s pain. His sister has lost her would be husband Satya. Chandra swears that he will ruin her. He hurts Nandini and asks her to imagine his sister’s sorrow. He says I will give worst death to your father now. Chandra is mad in anger and will not spare Padmanand’s life now. Nandini accepts that her brother has done a big mistake. Chandra is very much angry and kills Nandini’s brother.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Jaggi got free from jail. Gopi has come to free him from the problems. Gopi gets bail papers. Inspector tells Gopi that she has got bail on time. Gopi knows Jaggi is innocent. Jaggi returns home. Gopi says I will never let anything wrong happen with Jaggi. Kokila’s misunderstanding has to be cleared. Kokila gets much angry seeing Jaggi back.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shivam tells Shanti that Amit is his partner in boxing matches dealing. Shanti does not believe Shivam and calls Amit home to know truth. Amit accepts he is with Shivam in this partnership. Shanti gets a shock. Riya convinces Shanti to let Shivam do boxing. Riya supports Shivam in his new profession. Pramod is staying as Varun to spoil things in Shanti Sammelan. Pramod uses Pari and Sarla to enter Shanti Sadan. Pramod proposes Pari. Pari happily accepts his proposal.


Bhaiya ji challenges Chakor that he will kill Suraj now and asks her to stop him if she can. Chakor makes a plan to fail Bhaiya ji.

Santoshi Maa:

Devi Paulmi scolds Narard for coming in her Kaksh. She punishes Narad and turns him into a statue. Dhairya asks his man to kill Verma’s son for hi business. Santoshi tries to stop him. Dhairya threatens to kill even Santoshi. Dhairya is getting mad and chains Santoshi so that she takes rest in pregnancy. He also wants to hide Santoshi from Trishna. Mahila mandal women and police come to free Santoshi, but Devi Paulmi does magic to make the chains disappear, which shocks everyone.


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