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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ishqbaaz: Daksh has kidnapped Anika. Sahil asks everyone where is Anika. Sahil does not get her anywhere. Sahil cries and asks Shivay why does everyone call Anika bad. He tells Anika is not bad, she is very bad.

Shivay consoles him and says no one sees Anika right, everyone are fools to think she is wrong. Sahil says even you are stupid. Shivay says even I m a fool, where is Anika. Sahil says Anika is not answering, if anything happens to her… Shivay hugs Sahil and says nothing will happen to Anika till I m there, I will get Anika back. Sahil asks Shivay to promise him. Shivay promises Sahil.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi has feelings for Suhail. Ruhi and Suhail come close. Ruhi’s mood was upset by MMS matter. Suhail tries to cheer her. Ruhi gets blackmailer’s call and gets disturbed. Suhail plays a song and dances with Ruhi to divert her mind and make her happy. Ruhi forgets the tension for some time. Ruhi gets glad being with him. Raman and Ishita come there and get shocked seeing them together. Raman does not scold Ruhi. He confronts Suhail. Suhail thinks Raman will beat him now, as he was dancing with Ruhi. But, Raman thanks Suhail for helping Ruhi and bringing a smile on her face. Raman understands Suhail. Raman and Ishita keep a Christmas party to catch the blackmailer, but they fail.


Naina gets to know Sanjana is pregnant with Veer’s child and her trust on Raghav is back. There is servant union strike and Mehra family is worried thinking how will the work go on. Dadi keeps Veer and Sanjana’s engagement. Pam and Sudha do not want to do any arrangements. Naina takes the responsibility. Dadi says Naina is bahu, not a servant. Naina tells Dadi that she wants to do this for the family. Chanchal is upset that Naina is married to a servant. Chanchal sees Naina working as servant in Mehra house. Naina helps Dadi and does all the work with Raghav. Chanchal angrily calls police to get Dadi arrested, by the blame of fraud on them by getting Naina married to servant.

Santoshi Maa:

Dhairya gets angry knowing Santoshi has informed Mr. Verma about his plans to get Verma’s son killed. Dhairya is more provoked by Devi Paulmi’s helper Trishna. He chains Santoshi angrily and tells her that this is her punishment to interfere in his business. He tells that she will get free once she delivers the baby. Santoshi cries and gets surrounded by negativity.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali goes for her first modelling assignment. Anjali gets nervous. The organizer asks her to go and change, and come for the shoot. Anjali is confident and smart. She has come for her first ad shoot. Anjali hears Vikram fighting with security guards. Vikram comes there to help Anjali. Anjali rushes to stop Vikram. Anjali has big dreams and ambitions.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Aditi and Dhruv perform in Godh bharai function. Dhruv is very happy and thanks Aditi for giving him happiness. Thapki gets emotional. Thapki too dances in the function. Thapki has to leave from this house, as Sankara is in Bihaan’s life. Thapki is sad when Aditi asks her not to leave her. Thapki cries realizing she has not said truth to even Aditi. Bihaan performs and expresses his feelings for Vaani. Thapki is leaving from Pandey Nivaas. Kabir and Vaani perform on a romantic song. Bihaan gets jealous seeing them.


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