Much tension amidst engagement drama in Pardes


Naina gets to know Sanjana is pregnant with Veer’s child and her trust on Raghav is back. There is servant union strike and Mehra family is worried thinking how will the work go on. Dadi keeps Veer and Sanjana’s engagement. Pam and Sudha do not want to do any arrangements.

Naina takes the responsibility. Dadi says Naina is bahu, not a servant. Naina tells Dadi that she wants to do this for the family. Chanchal is upset that Naina is married to a servant. Chanchal sees Naina working as servant in Mehra house. Naina helps Dadi and does all the work with Raghav. Chanchal angrily calls police to get Dadi arrested, by the blame of fraud on them by getting Naina married to servant. Police comes home to arrest Dadi for cheating Naina and making her work as servant at home. Raghav tries to stop the police. Chanchal and Rajeev do not tell anything to Naina. Dadi was the mediator to fix the proposal. Chanchal asks cops to arrest Dadi. Dadi gets handcuffed. Mehra family gets shocked. Raghav can’t believe that Naina’s family did. Naina tries to stop Chanchal. The cops arrest Indu Mehra.

Chanchal says Dadi is the eldest member in the house and asks cops to take her away. Dadi did not know Rajeev and Chanchal are such people. Dadi is blamed to mistreat Naina at home. Chanchal shouts on Mehras for making Naina a servant. Naina could not do anything. Rajeev and Chanchal do not hear her. Naina will head to the cops and defend Dadi from all blames. Chanchal and Naina want a huge amount for settlement of the case. Chanchal scolds Dadi for cheating them and planning Naina and Raghav’s marriage. Naina and Raghav will call the blames off and get Dadi freed. Keep reading.

Earlier in Pardes

Raghav and Naina have big misunderstanding. Sanjana is pregnant with Veer’s child, and meets Raghav. She cries and tells him about her pregnancy. Raghav consoles her. Sanjana hugs him. Naina sees them at the cafe and assumes something wrong. Naina is hurt knowing this news. Naina hears that Raghav is father of Sanjana’s child. Raghav tried to do something good, and gets misunderstood by Naina again. Naina is upset. Raghav was also shocked knowing Sanjana is pregnant, and wanted to help her. Naina asks Raghav why did he lie to her again. She wants Raghav to be honest to her. Raghav thinks how to help Sanjana. Raghav used to love Sanjana before, and he tells Sanjana that he will surely help her. But, this will increase distance between Naina and Raghav.


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