Daksh madly attempts to kill Anika in Ishqbaaz


Daksh scolds Anika for breaking his trust and starts torturing her. Shivay rushes to Soumya to ask her about that day. He asks how did she know Anika is in Daksh’s room, when she has sent tea for Anika.

Soumya recalls and tells Shivay that she was with Anika that day. She tells that night’s story when Soumya was scared at night and asked Daksh to call Anika for help. She tells Anika was with her all night and spoke to her to pacify her. Shivay gets a shock knowing the truth. He feels miserable realizing he did not believe Anika. He recalls how Daksh fooled him by creating the illusion. He feels sorry to hurt Anika by humiliating her and blaming her for no fault. He breaks down by his guilt.


Sahil weeps and is hurt after hearing Pinky calling Anika as junk of the house. Shivay comforts Sahil. Sahil tells Shivay that Anika is not bad, even then everyone thinks she is bad, when she is really good. Shivay agrees with Sahil. Sahil is hurt that everyone call Anika bad. Shivay feels sorry to commit same mistake and gets angry on himself. He admits he got fooled by Daksh.

Sahil tells Shivay that Anika did not come home till now and not answering phone all. Sahil worries that Anika can fall in trouble. Shivay promises Sahil to get Anika back. Sahil asks Shivay if he will fight with every problem and save Anika. Shivay promises to get Anika any how by risking his own life, but he will secure Anika.

Daksh confesses love to Anika in his psycho madness. He compliments her beauty and says he will make Anika more beautiful by adorning her with his own hands. Daksh troubles Anika. Daksh asks Anika to die, if she can’t become his love. Anika gets a big shock by Daksh’s madness. She asks him to think of Sahil, as she is his only support. Daksh asks why did she cheat him and marry Shivay. Anika requests Daksh not to do this. Daksh tells her that he will punish her for her mistake. He gives her last gift by making a water grave for her. Anika can’t believe the sight. Daksh asks her to accept the gift and die. Anika gets scared. Keep reading.


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