Soumya’s exit from Harman’s life next in Shakti


Soumya is bringing Surbhi and Harman together, and obeying Preeto. Soumya falls weak in front of Preeto. Preeto scolds Soumya. Soumya asks Preeto not to spoil Surbhi’s life, as Surbhi loves Abhishek.

Preeto tells Soumya that I will talk to Surbhi about marrying Harman. She says I will do the work which you failed to do. Soumya begs Preeto not to do so. Soumya says I can’t get them married, I m ready to leave home. Preeto asks her to leave the house. Soumya gets ready to leave home. She tears the painting of her and Harman, made by Harman with love. Soumya cries and has lots of pain in heart. Soumya does not have any sense to think now. Soumya leaves from the house. Soumya apologizes to Preeto and cries.

Preeto makes her ready to write the letter. Preeto says you are the root of all problems, once you leave, all problems will end, leave from here and go so far that none can reach you. Soumya writes the letter for Harman that she is going away from him by her own wish. Preeto wants Soumya to hurt Harman’s heart. She makes Soumya tear the painting, so that she can show Harman the painting pieces and make him against Soumya. Soumya was helpless to do all this. Preeto is determined to get Harman and Surbhi married. Soumya did not wish to spoil Surbhi’s life, and takes decision to get away from Harman forever.


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