Vikram comes up with new tactics against Imaan and Sartaj


Mrs. Khan feels apologetic towards Nazneen for siding with her sons always. She values Nazneen now. Sartaj files for divorce and asks Harleen to move on in life, better than staying trapped in a meaningless marriage.

It is very painful for Harleen to do what Sartaj wants. Harleen meets Indira and asks her to stay with Sartaj. Harleen decides to stay with her inlaws and serve them, as she has been doing till now. Nazneen asks Imaan for divorce. Nazneen wants to get her freedom, while Harleen gives freedom to Sartaj.


Both the POW’s wives get tired of the circumstances. Harleen signs on the divorce papers. She tells Indira that Sartaj will come back to her very soon and holds belief. Sartaj is unaware of Indira’s truth. Sartaj wants to prove his trust to Indira and marry her, but Indira has others plans of getting the secrets out. Salim tries hard to unite Imaan and Nazneen, but fails miserably. Imaan is hurt knowing Nazneen and Salim’s relation did not form because of him and feels guilty. Sartaj goes to meet Imaan at his home. He meets Nazneen and realizes his mistake of leaving Harleen. Later, Imaan asks Sartaj to go back to Harleen. Vikram tries new tactics to make Imaan and Sartaj speak up the secrets they are supposed to be hiding. Keep reading.


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