Gopi accounts to seek justice for Ahem’s death in Saathiya


Kokila’s lawyer insults Gopi in the court, and asks is it her hobby to keep on marrying. Kokila scolds the lawyer and says mind your language, I have filed case to get justice for son, but to humiliate any woman.

Kokila becomes the lawyer in the court. She appeals to the court to punish Jaggi. She takes permission from the judge to fight the case. Kokila is fighting the case against Jaggi, and Gopi is standing against Kokila to support Jaggi. Kokila asks judge to let all the truths come out, all misunderstandings should get cleared so that her dead son get justice. Kokila has doubt on Jaggi. Gopi tells Kokila that Jaggi is innocent and he has already got much punished. Gopi calls the witness Dharam. Gopi says Ahem was not in the car, he was in taxi when the accident happened. She asks Dharam to say truth. Dharam gives statement in Jaggi’s favor and tells Ahem was not in the car. Judge dismisses the case and releases Jaggi on bail. Judge asks them to find the real culprit. Will Kokila accept Jaggi’s innocent? Keep reading.


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