Guilt Stricken Romi to find MMS culprit in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman is crying for Ruhi’s MMS matter. Raman expresses his pain in front of Romi. Romi feels guilty recalling his crime. He gets shocked hearing about Ruhi’s MMS and recalls Mihika’s MMS. Romi feels much pain.

Romi goes crazy and tells Raman that he will kill that man who made this MMS, Ruhi is my daughter. Romi and Raman cry. Raman consoles Romi. Romi wants justice for Ruhi. He recalls the past and thinks what did Mihika go through, when he made her MMS. Romi says its all punishment for my sins. He says I have hurt my wife years ago, and its all my fault. Raman asks what are you saying. Romi has confessed the crime that he has also made Mihika’s MMS once. Raman stops Romi and slaps him. Raman asks him to stop it, its not related to his deeds. They both cry on the matter and are much hurt for Ruhi. Romi says I can’t imagine what is Ruhi going through. Romi tries to find the culprit by using technology. Romi assures Raman that he will find that man and not leave him. Romi wants to repent for his mistakes too, and finds this right time to repent by helping Ruhi. Keep reading.


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