Naina dismisses blames on Dadi; Trouble for Sanjana in Pardes


Naina has saved Dadi from all the blames and court case. Dadi and Raghav come back home. Dadi is proud of Naina and praises her. Sanjana is frustrated seeing Dadi and Naina’s bond. Naina doubts on Sanjana’s pregnancy and asks the doctor. Sanjana sees Naina talking to doctor. Sanjana insults Naina. She asks Naina to dare and ask her, if she has doubt.

She asks Naina what’s her problem when Dadi is giving importance to her now. She asks Naina if she felt she will marry servant and rule on entire family. She says I can see what you want to do, you want to make Dadi against me, you did not get anything and want to snatch everything from me. She taunts Naina. Naina doubts on Sanjana’s pregnancy, as Sanjana drinks alcohol. Naina explains Sanjana not to drink in pregnant state. Sanjana vents anger on Naina. Sanjana asks Naina not to tell her what to say. Naina says I don’t like to come in your way, or take revenge. She asks Sanjana how is she drinking wine, how can wine come in medicine bottle. Sanjana angrily accepts she is not pregnant. Dadi tells everyone that she has called doctors at home for everyone’s blood tests and health checkups. Sanjana gets worried. Sudha and Pam think of finding some solution.


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