Vikram ends ties with Anjali in Sasural Simar Ka


There is huge family drama. Anjali got the family shattered. Anjali blamed big things on Tai ji and got Tai ji arrested. But, Tai ji’s truth has come out. Anjali’s plans got exposed.

Vikram asks Anjali to see Tai ji’s state. Anjali asks what could I, Tai ji was not accepting me as bahu, so I decided not to tell Tai ji come between us. Anjali scolds Tau ji in front of Vikram. Simar loses temper seeing this. She scolds Anjali for insulting the relation. She asks Anjali how can she insult husband and wife’s relation, Vikram is in pain because of Anjali. She says Vikram did not say you anything, but who is Anjali to break him from his old relations. Vikram is not ready to forgive Anjali. He says I could have forgiven you for theft and lies, but I can never forgive you for what you did with Tai ji, I m ashamed to listen to you and insult Tai ji.

Vikram cries and hugs his Tai ji. He blames Anjali for making him do such mistake. Vikram gets angry and beats himself. Vikram tells Anjali that he is leaving her, and now she will stay with her family. Vikram apologizes to Prem and Simar, and asks them to give him some time to think about his relation with Anjali. He asks them to keep Anjali. He has taken the decision to leave Anjali. Anjali begs to Vikram not to leave her, as she can’t stay without them. Anjali sheds tears. Simar consoles Anjali. Anjali gets angry on Simar. Anjali does not realize her mistake.


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