Aaliya brings new twist in Abhi-Pragya’s life


Abhi and Pragya dance in the sangeet party, as part of his imagination. Tanu dances with Abhi. Abhi looks for Nikita. Tanu dances with him and tries to get his attention. The marriage track will start after other functions.

Abhi dances romantically with Pragya, while he dances with Tanu unwillingly. Tanu does not let Abhi go away. Tanu thinks to marry Abhi and then see what Pragya can do. Abhi realizes his feelings for Pragya. He is lost thinking of Pragya. Tanu gets hurt while dancing when he steps on her foot. Will Abhi confess feelings to Pragya and marry her? Tanu gets Purab and Pragya’s pictures to bring a twist in Pragya’s life. Pragya comes there. Abhi asks Pragya about the pictures. Pragya says its all a lie, you can ask Purab about it. There will be big twist. Aaliya wants to use Purab and break Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya and Purab have taken the challenge. Purab wants to unite Abhi and Pragya. Will Aaliya succeed by framing Purab? Keep reading.


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