Shocking: Suhail to turn negative in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Bhalla family keeps a Christmas party. Raman has come as Santa Claus to make Ruhi’s mood fine. Raman came as Santa to cheer up Ruhi. Raman gives assurance to Ruhi that everything will be fine. Raman wishes her Merry Christmas.

Raman and Ishita look unique as Santa Claus and Elf. Ruhi has come to give money to blackmailer. A dwarf runs away with Ruhi’s bag. The dwarf was sent to snatch the bag. The blackmailer gets away. Suhail runs and catches the dwarf. They scold the dwarf and asks about the money. They beat the dwarf and ask where is the money. Suhail gets forgiveness by Raman. Suhail is supporting Ruhi. Raman’s anger got down and Raman is taking Suhail’s help to catch the MMS culprit. Raman is worried that the culprit has run away.

Raman says I have seen that man, whom organizer hired for arrangements. The blackmailer was also dressed as Santa and was present in front of Raman. Everyone did not know the smart plan by blackmailer. None knew that man is the blackmailer. The dwarf is caught, but they don’t get any clue. The blackmailer runs away with the money. He can leak the MMS as Raman has informed police. The blackmailer threatens to release the MMS. Raman and Ishita have to find out blackmailer soon. Ruhi and Suhail are in love. But, Suhail will turn out to be negative. Suhail is not Ruhi’s well wisher. Suhail is Niddhi’s brother and has come to Bhalla house to take revenge.



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