Surbhi agrees to marry Harman in Shakti


Surbhi has sacrificed her happiness for the sake of Soumya’s happiness. Surbhi meets Abhishek. He shows her the marriage shopping. He asks how does she like the clothes and jewelry. He says I got each thing by my choice.

Surbhi cries seeing his feelings. She apologizes to him and tells Abhishek that she can’t marry him. She says I have marry Harman and stay as Soumya’s Sautan in Preeto’s house, I have to fill Soumya’s life with happiness doing this, if I refuse to this proposal, Soumya will get away from Harman. Abhishek receives a big shock. Surbhi had earlier agreed to marry Abhishek, and now she refuses him. She feels bad to marry Harman. Abhishek tells Surbhi that they can keep Soumya with them, after marriage, there is no problem and all this is not needed. Surbhi says even if Soumya stays with us, she will not live happily, she is incomplete and just Harman’s love can fill her life with happiness. Abhishek gets upset.

Surbhi wants to keep relations fine with everyone, but she hurts everyone while taking care of Soumya. She has broken many hearts and sacrificed her love too, only for the sake of Soumya. Surbhi meets Preeto and tells her that she will marry Harman for keeping Soumya in Preeto’s house. Surbhi has seen Harman as Soumya’s husband always. The situation is bad that she is going to marry Harman. Surbhi has no personal life now. She gets into an argument with her dad, Maninder because of Soumya.



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