Naina to protect Raghav’s esteem in Pardes


Raghav has become Shaurya’s Love Guru. Raghav tells Shaurya what to gift the girls. He says its difficult to handle girls, and asks him not to date anyone, as Shaurya is still young. Raghav says girls lie and confuse them.

Dadi sees Raghav and pulls his ears for scaring Shaurya. Sanjana calls Raghav. He does not answer her call. She bothers him a lot. Raghav goes to meet Sanjana. He asks Sanjana why did she call him so many times, he has no time for her now as he is married. He asks her to understand he is busy in his work. Sanjana taunts Raghav. Raghav wants to give time to his family. Raghav takes a stand to reply Sanjana. He asks Sanjana to understand not to call him anytime like that. Sanjana gives her sandals to Raghav and asks him to get the sandals heel repaired. Sanjana treats Raghav as a servant. Raghav loved Sanjana before, and feels insulted now. Raghav does not answer back Sanjana. Naina will be securing Raghav from the humiliation from Mehra family. Keep reading.


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