Veer gets apologetic towards Raghav in Pardes


Raghav gifts flowers to Naina. Naina smiles and is finding happiness in her marriage. Raghav gets scared seeing the injection when doctor treats him.

Dadi has called doctor at home, to get blood tests and health checkup done of the entire family. Doctor takes Raghav’s blood sample. Raghav sees Naina and acts to be brave. Raghav gets afraid and bears the pain. Naina laughs. Raghav gives the sample and rushes out. Naina finds Raghav kiddish and innocent. Raghav and Naina are managing arrangements of Veer and Sanjana’s marriage. Raghav and Naina decide the flowers to be used in decorations. Raghav tells the flowers of Sanjana’s choice. He says I know Sanjana’s choice as I know her very well. Naina feels awkward and knows Raghav was in love with Sanjana before. Veer comes and apologizes to Raghav. Veer sounds genuine to Raghav. Raghav forgives Veer and asks him not to think of the past.



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