Dramatic entries of Nafratbaaz to create troubles for Ishqbaaz


Anika’s first rasio rasam will be seen next in the show. Anika makes a paneer dish for the family. Shivay comes for breakfast. Dadi tells him that Anika has made food for everyone, as its her first rasoi ritual.

Dadi asks Shivay to have the food first and then they all will eat. Shivay asks why me first. Dadi says you are Anika’s husband. Anika says I made food for the first time. Pinky says then it will be bad. Dadi says Anika made it with love and this will be good. Anika serves the food to Shivay. Shivay agrees to have food first. He gets a shock tasting the bad food. He does not like it. He starts coughing by eating the burnt and over spicy food. He stops Dadi and Pinky from eating the food. He says it’s so much yummy and unique, I will finish it.

Pinky wants to taste the food, as Shivay is praising it. She asks Shivay to give them some food and wants some bit of it. Shivay refuses. Dadi laughs seeing Shivay in love and valuing Anika’s handmade food. Shivay stops everyone and eats the food alone. Rudra asks for some food, and can’t diet. Shivay asks Rudra to diet and not have the food, its made by Anika and he can have it alone. He says you are a gym boy and should have gym diet food, you will get unwell having this. Shivay smartly finishes the food so that Anika does not get embarrassed in front of the family. Shivay says the food was fantastic, I really liked it.

Anika says I kept some more food in kitchen, Soumya is getting it. Shivay asks is there more, I want to have that too, get it. He worries and prepares himself to finish that food too. Dadi asks Shivay how did he like the food when he always remarks on food. Anika tastes the food and finds its really horrible. She sees Shivay has covered up and did not want her image to spoil in front of the family. He pretends he likes the food. Dadi is happy knowing Shivay is emotionally attached to Anika well. Shivay gets unwell after finishing the food.

Later on, Tia calls Shwetlana and Rumi home. They get disguise of servants and enter the Oberoi mansion. Anika sends tea for Shivay. Shivay does not have tea. Anika thinks to drink tea, else it will get waste. Anika and Soumya clean the fridge. Soumya gets a call and goes. Tia comes there and sees Anika busy in work. Tia adds sleeping pill in Anika’s tea. Anika drinks the tea and faints. Tia and Shwetlana put Anika inside the fridge.

Tia increases the temperatures. Tia has done this plotting. She wants Anika to die and get out of Shivay’s life completely. The new evil trio Tia, Shwetlana and Rumi called the Nafratbaaz will trouble Oberois now. Anika gets locked in the fridge. Tia’s connection with Shwetlana and Rumi will be seen. The trio is the evil sisters who has one aim to ruin the Oberois.


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