Ishwari hugely disappointed with Dev’s deceive in Kuch Rang…


Sonakshi meets Ishwari at the temple. Ishwari asks Sonakshi not to lie her any more. She says I have made my son leave the house for your sake and loved you so much, you have broken all my dreams.

Ishwari wanted to become grandmother. When she gets to know that Sonakshi can’t conceive, she gets depressed. Ishwari says bahu can never become a daughter, as the world says, as own children never cheat, and bahu cheats. She asks Sonakshi not to call her Maa now as she has cheated. She is hurt that Sonakshi has hidden this and annoyed with Sonakshi. Ishwari had left home. Ishwari brings out her frustration as she felt betrayed. Sonakshi asks Ishwari to come home. Ishwari refuses and sends Sonakshi. Dev comes to temple and asks Ishwari to forgive Sonakshi, as he is the one who has lied in this story, and Sonakshi had no idea about this. Ishwari gets a big shock and asks Dev how can he cheat her. She scolds Dev and realizes she has scolded Sonakshi for no fault. Ishwari hopes the time will heal all wounds.


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