Kokila’s anger bursts on Jaggi again in Saath Nibhana Saathiya…


Mona tells Kokila that Gopi is not opening her room and keeping on crying. She does not know the matter. Kokila goes to meet Gopi. Kokila misunderstands Jaggi. Kokila feels Jaggi misbehaved with Gopi and beats him with the stick.

Kokila is angry on Jaggi. She says I thought Jaggi is selfless and pure hearted, but Jaggi turned out to be bad man. She asks Jaggi why did he harm Gopi, when she thought he will always protect Gopi. Urvashi asks Jaggi to tell them what is the matter, why is Kokila taunting him so badly. Jaggi tries to explain he did not do anything. Urvashi stops Kokila and defends Jaggi. Jaggi also shouts and says whenever anything wrong happens in this house, everyone point fingers at him, but this time I will prove I m not wrong. He gets angry on Kokila for such bad blames. Gopi comes there and faints seeing all this drama. Kokila and everyone hold Gopi. Kokila asks Jaggi to be away from Gopi. Jaggi says fine, but I will first drop her to the room. Will Jaggi prove his innocence again? Keep reading.


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