Rishi and Tanuja’s relation to bloom in Kasam


Rishi got to know of Tanuja’s innocence. There is big drama in Bedi house. Rishi is ashamed and apologizes to her. Tanuja is glad that her name got cleared, and her intentions are also known. She is not interested in Bedi’s property.

Raj’s belief on Tanuja was right. Rishi feels bad to blame Tanuja, and asks her to just forgive him for all his words and accusations on her character. Rishi sheds many tears genuinely from heart. Rishi feels right to apologizes when person is at fault. He has hurt Tanuja a lot since much time. He feels he has insulted Tanuja, and even then she has big heart to cry seeing his tears. Tanuja hugs Rishi and evidently shows her love to him. She comforts Rishi and asks him not to be too apologetic, as she has also hidden the truth and make him doubt on her. She got raised in Rishi’s eyes. Love started to bloom between them. Keep reading.


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