Sankara to frame Kabir and Thapki


Thapki and Bihaan get some quality moments in the function. Pandey family is celebrating to make everyone’s light light. Vasundara got Thapki’s letter and thinks to show it to Bihaan. Thapki is attacked by Sankara’s men, who try to molest her.

Thapki tries to leave and get saved. The men kidnapped her and got her to godown. Thapki was scared and shouts for help. Kabir comes there and gets shocked seeing Thapki’s state. Thapki gets saved by Kabir. Kabir beats the men and saves her from the goons. Thapki cries and hugs Kabir, as he has come as an angel for her. Kabir comforts her. Kabir makes Thapki wear his coat. Kabir calms him down. The goons fought with Kabir and torn Kabir’s shirt too. Sankara clicks their pictures to show Bihaan. Sankara wants to show the pics in wrong meaning. How will Bihaan react? Keep reading.


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