Rishi-Tanuja-Raj plan to expose Malaika in Kasam


Tanuja is sad, as she can’t see Rishi marrying Malaika. Tanuja sheds cries and is in pain. Rano has cheated Tanuja. She taunts Tanuja and insults her. This time, Tanuja gives an answer back to Rano.

Rano says I m doing good for my son, and Lord will say who is doing justice. Rishi and Tanuja will not get separated. Raj is making Rishi fool Malaika. Raj, Tanuja and Rishi are doing this marriage drama to expose Malaika. Rishi has given his property to Malaika before marriage, and wants to see if she runs away with the property. Malaika is very happy and did not expect all this to happen so soon. Malaika and Rishi sign on the papers. Rishi tells Malaika that she is the rightful owner of Bedi property. Malaika will be running away from home, and then Rano will know Malaika’s truth. Rano is arranging Rishi and Malaika’s marriage. Bani comes there, which irks Rano. Rano loses her temper and fights with Bani. Rano makes Bani leave the house. Rishi and Tanuja will unite soon. Keep reading.


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