Ishqbaaz — Kapoors attack Shivay


A letter for Robin comes to Oberoi house and lands in Anika’s hands. Anika tells Tia about Robin’s letter. Tia gets shocked and wonders how could Robin send a letter. Tia knows he has died and reacts weirdly.

Anika says I meant, a letter came for Robin after it was not received at your mom’s house. Tia gets tensed. Anika and Tia have an argument. Tia’s tensed expressions make Anika puzzled. Anika asks her why did she get scared, as if she has done something wrong. Tia does not answer her and takes the letter. Anika is trying to join all the links and find out the secret. On the other hand, Omkara is annoyed as Shwetlana entered the house. He has left food and is much angry. Anika gets food for Omkara and convinces him to have food. Shivay thanks Anika for taking care of Omkara. Shivay and Anika are getting close. Tia, Shwetlana and Romi are planning against Oberois. Tia tells Anika that she does not care if Shivay lives or not. The evil sisters attack Shivay. Anika gets a huge shock by knowing the revengeful truth. How will Anika save Shivay from them? Keep reading.


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