Naamkarann — Avni’s fight for justice


Avni has come to stay in Dayavanti’s house after the latter snatched Aman. Avni keeps Asha’s pic in her room. Dayavanti throws the photo frame and is angry. She tells Avni that they don’t hang photos on the wall. She scolds Avni for fixing Asha’s pic. She tears the pic and throws it.

Dayavanti keeps Avni hungry and locks her in the room. Avni cries and hugs the pic. Riya tells Dayavanti that Avni was going to her room to take Aman and run away, but I have got her back here. Avni has broken all ties with Ashish. Dayavanti is torturing Avni.

Avni says the normal family dream is just a dream now, they lost Ashish and also Asha forever. She regrets that Dayavanti could have become her support, but now Dayavanti is the one who is responsible for her pain. Dayavanti has snatched Aman from Avni. Avni is determined to not let any injustice happen with her brother. Who will help Avni in her fight for justice? Keep reading.



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