Bhaiya ji takes bandhua tradition ahead in Udaan


Bhaiya ji is happy to make Suraj his bandhua in front of everyone in Aazaadgunj. There are big celebrations. Bhaiya ji has kidnapped Suraj and got him back. He gets Suraj tied to the tree. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to leave Suraj.

She stops the goons and shows a knife warning them to back off. She asks Bhaiya ji to kill her first. Suraj asks Chakor to go, its necessary for her to stay alive, as she is the hope for many lives. Chakor says I will lose by fighting, I will not accept defeat without the fight. Ragini has caught Suraj after Bhaiya ji’s plan failed. Ragini is creating big troubles for Suraj. Bhaiya ji does not want to kill Suraj, but stamp bandhuagiri on his hand. Bhaiya ji catches Chakor and shows the bandhua sign on her wrist. He then shows the bandhua stamp he made for Suraj, shocking everyone.


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