Pardes — Raghav-Naina’s separation


Raghav and Naina are living separated after Veer and Sanjana created misunderstandings between them. Asha is very much worried, after Rajeev is arrested by police. Raghav comes to help Naina’s family. Rajeev is blamed for theft.

Dadi meets Rajeev at police station and asks him not to get scared if he is innocent, but if the blame on him is true, then she will not save him. Rajeev blames Sudha and Pam for the theft. Sudha asks Dadi how can he listen to Rajeev. Naina and Raghav console Asha. Raghav and Naina’s relation suffers because of Rajeev. Raghav gives statement against Rajeev. He tells inspector that he has seen Rajeev leaving from the office at night when the theft happened. Rajeev calls Raghav a liar and tells Naina not to believe Raghav.

Rajeev asks Raghav asks he see money bag with him, he is taking revenge now.. He says Raghav is angry as I have sent his Dadi to jail. He regrets to be away from his baby, who is just born. He tells Naina that Chanchal needs him at this time. He fills her ears against Raghav. He asks Naina how can he trust anyone else than her brother. He says I never lied or cheated anyone, doing theft is not possible. He knows Naina is very innocent and makes her believe that its Mehra family plan to send him to jail. Naina falls in Rajeev’s words. Rajeev lies to Dadi that he did not do this theft. He does not want to stay in jail for long and has no option than to lie. Naina gets angry on Raghav and does not believe Raghav. She blames him for framing her brother in fraud case. Will Raghav and Naina get separated by Rajeev’s matter? Keep reading.


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