Shakti — Harman’s marriage


There is a twist before marriage. Harman asks Surbhi to come and meet her. They meet and have a talk. Harman tells Surbhi that he is helpless and can’t marry her, as he loves Soumya. He says I love just Soumya and can’t think of marrying anyone. He asks Surbhi to refuse for marriage.

Harman can’t have anyone in his life except Soumya. Surbhi is also helpless and can’t refuse for marriage, as she knows about Preeto’s condition. She can’t tell Harman about Preeto’s condition as Soumya made her swear not to tell this truth to anyone. Surbhi knows Soumya has no option, Soumya has no roof to stay. There is no way or helping factor for Soumya. Surbhi is giving a big sacrifice for Soumya.

She could not tell anything to Harman and goes to get ready for marriage. Soumya and Surbhi have shared everything since childhood. They love each other a lot. Surbhi sacrificed her love for Soumya’s sake and is upset to marry Harman. Soumya makes Surbhi ready as the bride and goes through emotional dilemma. Soumya is much hurt to get Surbhi married to her Harman. Surbhi gets into an argument with Preeto and asks her to let Soumya attend the marriage. Preeto does not want Harman to know that Soumya is not happy with this marriage. She asks Soumya to keep smiling and look happy. The marriage will be next in the track. Keep reading.


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