Ishqbaaz – Anika realizes love for Shivay


Omkara gives the news that Shivay has won businessman of the year award. Anika and Rudra happily rush to congratulate Shivay. Rudra praises Shivay. Shivay takes the news light as its common thing for him to win business awards.

Later on, Anika gets hurt. Shivay does the aid to her hand. Anika gets touched by his concern. Shivay feels hurt seeing her wound and scolds her out of worry. Anika keeps looking at him and does not argue. Being hurt, she finds it difficult to wear her mangalsutra. Shivay helps her and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Anika gets surprised seeing the changes in his behavior.

Anika realizes she is in love with Shivay. She understands love is such thing that has the power to pause the world for the person, it makes the heart beat only for that special person. She sees Shivay as the face of her love and is happy to realize she loves Shivay. Dadi was very much sure of Anika and Shivay’s love story developing, as they both were equal in every sense. Anika is finally in love with Shivay. Will Shivay too realize his love for Anika? Keep reading.


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