Omkara permits Shwetlana’s stay in Oberoi mansion in Ishqbaaz


Tia and Shwetlana are working against Oberois together. Anika doubted Tia before for harming Shivay, but recalling the series of attacks happening at home after Shwetlana’s entry, Anika’s doubt on Shwetlana gets firm.

Tia wants to get Rumi inside Oberoi mansion. She asks Shwetlana what’s her plan now. Rumi calls Tia and informs Tej has reached Oberoi mansion. Shwetlana makes a plan to stay back and sends Tia to check on Jhanvi. Tia sees Jhanvi and signs Shwetlana to run her plan. Jhanvi goes to help Shwetlana.

Tia stops Jhanvi and sends her other way. Shwetlana intentionally plans her fall down the staircase to get in Tej’s sight. Jhanvi runs to help Shwetlana. Tej spots Jhanvi around while Shwetlana fell down. Shwetlana cries and tells Tej that she felt someone has pushed her down. Tej doubts Jhanvi for Shwetlana’s accident.

He confronts Jhanvi for trying to kill Shwetlana. Jhanvi says I did not do this, you know me. Tej refuses to believe her. He calls her insecure to do this. She gets hurt by his words. Dadi believes Jhanvi and says sometimes what we see is not true, Jhanvi can’t do this. Tej argues with them. Shwetlana says its Jhanvi’s house and I will leave from here, I packed my bags when Jhanvi asked me to leave.

Tej gets angry knowing this. He asks Jhanvi did she ask Shwetlana to leave. Jhanvi tries to explain. Dadi says this was my decision to send Shwetlana. Tej argues with Dadi and Pinky, who defend Jhanvi. Tej asks Pinky not to interfere in his personal matters. Pinky says we can’t share common house with any outsider, make Shwetlana leave. Dadi asks them to solve the matter by discussing well.

Tej says Shwetlana is not any problem, Jhanvi’s mindset has the problem. He declares Shwetlana will stay here. Jhanvi asks Tej to think of Omkara and Rudra’s reactions. Tej blames Jhanvi to use children for her motives. Dadi says even we don’t want Shwetlana here. Tej decides to move out of Oberoi mansion and stay with Shwetlana somewhere else. Jhanvi begs Tej to stay back for Omkara’s state. Omkara sees Tej leaving and says I have no problem with this, Shwetlana can stay here. Shivay, Anika and Rudra support Omkara in his decision. Shivay makes a plan to know what does Shwetlana want, if she is acting or not, can she walk or really got hurt. They monitor Shwetlana’s activity. Will Shivay and Anika find out Shwetlana’s truth? Keep reading.


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