Tia turns upset over Anika’s survival in Ishqbaaz

Daksh cries out fake stories about Anika's greed Ishqbaaz

Anika gets a doubt seeing Shwetlana’s sandal burnt and wonders if it got burnt by the chemical. Tia and Shwetlana do not see who has entered the room. Tia doubts if Anika died or not, did Anika drink coffee or not. Tia thinks to check out.

Anika zeroes on the thought that Shwetlana is the one who wants to harm Shivay. She recalls the attacks on Shivay she has known since the beginning and the attacks happening now. She doubts Shwetlana was behind attacks before and even now Shwetlana wants to kill Shivay. Anika’s doubt on Tia gets released and nulls. Tia checks the coffee and gets to know that Anika did not drink the coffee. She informs Shwetlana that Anika got saved, and wants to plan something else to kill Anika. Shwetlana asks Tia not to waste time on Anika.

She advises Tia to concentrate on their plan of getting Rumi at home. Shwetlana gets tensed on seeing Jhanvi and Dadi in front of her. Dadi thanks Shwetlana for saving Tej’s life. She acknowledges Shwetlana’s big favor on them. She asks Shwetlana not to give anyone a chance to point at Oberois. Jhanvi asks Shwetlana to leave from Oberoi mansion. Jhanvi does not want Tej and Omkara’s relation to get worse. She says Omkara is hurt seeing you here, I want to request you, just leave from here and save Omkara’s life, I will be thankful to you always.

Shwetlana agrees to them, keeping the point that Tej got her here. She tells them that she did not come on her own, she will leave today itself as per their will. Jhanvi thanks Shwetlana for understanding their problem.

Anika goes to Shivay to tell about Shwetlana. Shivay says I will hire a private investigator to find out. He asks her to just relax. She asks is he not scared of the happenings. He says I m not scared of death, I was just scared once when I felt death is going to snatch someone from me.

Shivay recalls Anika’s survival after Daksh’s incident. Shivay’s words make her blush again. Shivay asks her to see how she is blushing. She says blush box is not here. He asks her who has explained her the meaning of blush this way. She says its right meaning. He holds her and says that’s wrong meaning, blush means something else in my statement, it’s not make up, its natural redness that comes on the cheeks when the girl turns shy. Shivay shows her face in mirror and tells her what blushing means. He asks why does she blush when he is around. Anika turns shy to answer him. Anika tells Shivay about Shwetlana’s hidden motives to enter the house, and the clues she has found out against her. Will they act on time? Keep reading.


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