Suhail’s new disguise to cheat Raman-Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman Ishita pop a smart strategy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita calls Ruhi and Ruhi does not answer. Ruhi comes home and argues with Ishita. She asks how many calls did you make, what’s wrong with you, what was the urgent work, what did I not tell you, I went to get notes from college friend.

Ishita says sorry, I was worried on not finding you at home. Ruhi asks shall I tell you everything, I m going to sleep, now don’t disturb me. Everyone is worried seeing Ruhi’s behavior. Ishita knows Suhail’s truth, but Ruhi does not believe her. Ishita’s over concern has become a problem for Ruhi. The family does not know Ishita and Ruhi’s problem. Ishita is worried for Ruhi, who is meeting Suhail. Raman and Ishita have become more alert. Suhail sends a gift for Ruhi so that Ruhi and her family get more distanced. Ishita, Mihika and Aaliya see the nightie gift and do not understand who has sent the gift.

Romi and Adi ask each other if they have sent it. They both refuse of giving that gift. Ishita understands Suhail has sent the nightie. Suhail changes his getup to get saved from Ishita’s sight. Suhail takes a sardar look. Suhail sees the police outside his house. Raman and Ishita had to monitor Suhail’s activities. Suhail takes disguise and leaves from his house, by fooling the constables. Suhail wants to take revenge Raman through Ruhi. Niddhi will be coming soon and doubling their problems. Keep reading.


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