Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Kasam: Bedi house men are beaten up by police. Rishi is helpless seeing his family beaten up. He can’t see them getting tortured. Rishi requests inspector to leave them.

Rishi begs them to leave his family. Police does not listen to him. Rishi tries to save the family. Rishi is hurt seeing Rano and others injured. Rishi tells inspector that he was away from business meeting and all this happened as per someone’s plan. He can’t believe Tanuja has done this. Rano blames Tanuja for their bad state. Rishi knows Tanuja well. Rano goes through the trauma. Tanuja reaches the police station. Rishi calls his lawyer. The lawyer gets bail for Bedi family. Rishi takes Biji, Raj, Rano and everyone home.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi understands she is a Naagin and can’t fall in love with a human, but she has fallen in love with Rocky. Shivangi sees Rocky sleeping and keeps the book and glasses away. She hugs him. She is worried that her love can become a problem for him. She thinks what to do and how to tell Rocky that I love him a lot. She is scared to step ahead in love. She does not know Rocky madly loves her.

Rocky talks in sleep and asks Shivangi not to leave him ever. Shivangi gets emotional hearing him. She promises she will be with him always. Mahish has become big trouble for Shivangi and is eager to kill her. The coming time is much problematic for Shivangi.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar begs to Tai ji and stops her. Prem folds hands and asks Tai ji to forgive Anjali. Anjali is not able to understand anything. Tai ji got to know Anjali’s plannings. She decides to separate Vikram and Anjali. Simar and Prem try to save Anjali’s marriage. Simar says Vikram should not know this, else their marriage will end. Tai ji says their relation is not true, this is just one truth, don’t know what carelessness Anjali did with Sanjeev’s health. Simar and Prem ask for one chance. Tai ji asks Simar to prove that Anjali has atleast four qualities of an ideal bahu. She promises that if Simar proves Anjali having good qualities, then she will accept Anjali. Simar and Prem were hurt seeing Anjali’s video of not caring for Sanjeev’s health. Simar swears that she will make Anjali an ideal bahu.


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