DDLJ moment recreated by Naina-Raghav in Pardes


Naina hides in Raghav’s car dickey to find evidence for Rajeev’s innocence. Raghav sees Naina hiding in the dickey. He asks her why is she getting desperate to follow her. He locks her in the car and goes to buy icecream.

Naina comes out of the window. Naina feels cold. She gets fainting near the car. Raghav comes to save her. He rubs her palms and tries to make her conscious. Raghav asks her to drink some wine. He goes to get coat for her. She finishes the bottle till he comes back. Naina gets drunk. She sings and dances in DDLJ style. Raghav stops her from drinking more. Naina beats up Raghav. Raghav forgives her as she is not in senses. Raghav controls her. Naina talks silly. Naina shouts in Dharmendra style and speaks out all her frustration. She stands on the car roof and dances. Raghav tries to stop her. He does not want anyone to see Naina in drunken state. Naina laughs a lot and does much drama. Raghav bears her kicks. Raghav gets her down the car roof. He takes her to the hotel to hide her from the family.


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