Naira and Suwarna’s emotional bond irks Kartik in Yeh Rishta…


Naira and Kartik reach the temple along with the families. They place Ganesh idol and pray. The idol is broken and puja stops. Bhabhimaa comes from home and places the new idol.

It was Naira, Kartik and Naksh’s plan to get Bhabhimaa to temple. Bhabhimaa was not going to temples after Akshara’s death. Bhabhimaa was annoyed with Lord. Naira wanted Bhabhimaa to come to temple, and they all succeed to make Bhabhimaa reach temple for giving the idol. Bhabhimaa thanks the children for returning her devotion. Suwarna hugs Naira and gives her the bangles Akshara bought for her. Naira and Suwarna share an emotional bond. Kartik gets annoyed with Naira seeing her with Suwarna. Kartik does not like Suwarna. How will Naira bridge the distance between Kartik and his parents.


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