Shivay gets threatened by Kapoors again in Ishqbaaz


Tia blames Anika for trying to harm her baby. Pinky decides to make Anika leave from the house if it’s really Anika’s fault. Tia messages Shwetlana that Pinky is reaching the spot. Shwetlana puts oil on the floor. Pinky checks and finds out floor is oily. Tia says Anika has made the oil fall here so that I lose my baby and also my place in this house. Pinky gets angry knowing this and believes Tia. She wants to make Anika leave. Tia tells Pinky that Anika has threatened her.

Omkara asks why are we waiting to expose Shwetlana and make her leave from here. Shivay says we won’t be able to find the mastermind of this big conspiracy. Omkara thinks Shwetlana is the mastermind. Shivay says we have to find out by keeping Shwetlana in front of our eyes. Anika says we can stop Shwetlana and know her moves, we can monitor the plans and also know the targets. Rudra and Omkara agree with Shivay and Anika. Omkara finds it tough to see Shwetlana at home. Shivay says we have to bear her for some days, as we want to make her leave from Tej’s life forever.

Shwetlana is over-confident and tells Tia that Shivay and Anika can never understand our plans. Rumi says its good if they are doubting on Shwetlana, we can continue our plan. Shwetlana asks Tia and Rumi to use this chance and take the plan ahead tonight itself.

Shivay helps Anika in freeing her mangalsutra. He makes her wear the mangalsutra with love. They both have a sweet moment. Shivay asks Anika not to stare him. He says I know I m very good-looking. Anika says its nothing like that, I was staring at that wall, you came in between my sight. Shivay pulls her leg and asks why was she staring at him. She says you are not any hero that I will stare at you. She blames him for staring at her and then blaming her. He says truth is you were checking me out. She asks what does that mean. He stares at her and explains what’s called check out. She feels uncomfortable and asks did you feel I was eyeing you cheaply, I m a nice girl and I can’t do such bad thing. Shivay enjoys teasing her.

Mrs. Kapoor gives Shivay a ring and calls him to meet. Shivay meets Mrs. Kapoor and asks why did she call him. Mrs. Kapoor pressurizes him for being concerned for Tia and their child. She asks him how did he take care of Anika instead Tia. He says Anika got hurt while saving Tia’s child. She gets irked hearing him praise Anika.

She asks about the divorce proceedings. She gets angry on him. He asks her not to threaten him. She threatens him about sending Daima’s statement recording to Omkara. Shivay asks her to stop all this, as he has signed the divorce papers. She says I have no patience knowing you can do the work sooner, I can easily send the recording to Omkara. Shivay gets too worried for Omkara.


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