Kartik and Manish’s angered quarrel over Singhanias in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik argues with Manish and blames him for killing his mother. He asks Manish to kill him too. Manish gets angry. Everyone gets shocked seeing Manish raising hand on Kartik. Naksh argues with a man who insults Naitik.

Naksh scolds the man and talks in Naitik’s defense. Kartik and Naira’s marriage arrangements are in full swing. Naitik meets the palace manager and wants to book the palace for wedding. The manager talks with disrespect. Naksh says we are Singhanias. Naitik asks the manager not to talk badly, else he will complain about him and stop him from giving the palace on rent to anyone. The man angrily talks to Naitik. Naksh reacts angrily. Kartik reaches there and apologizes to the manager. He books the palace for wedding.

Naksh likes Kartik as he gives importance to Singhania family. Manish gets to know Kartik has apologized to manager for Singhania’s sake. Kartik says I know Naksh well, Naksh does not do anything wrong, maybe manager misbehaved with Naitik. Manish is angry that Kartik spoiled Goenkas’ name. Kartik does not care for keeping up family image. Priyanka and Mansi are worried. Dadi has planned such thing to insult Naira’s family in Makar Sankranti. Goenkas has invited everyone for the festival. Dadi did not invite Maheshwaris so that Singhanias get hurt. She does not want Maheshwaris to influence Kartik more. She is very possessive about Kartik, and does not want Maheshwaris to have rights on Kartik.


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