Pardes’ Ghost drama: Raghav’s move to get justice for Naina


Veer is scared by Naina’s ghost. Raghav plays a trick and makes Naina’s suicide news reach Veer. Veer gets Naina’s suicide note and burns it. Veer feels Naina’s presence around. He is much scared.

Veer goes to Raghav and accepts his crime being scared. Veer’s truth has come out. Raghav gets angry and asks Veer to apologize to Naina. Raghav has evidence against Veer. Raghav fooled Veer and told him about Naina’s death by an accident. Raghav did not wish to take revenge, but wants justice for Naina. Veer was caught while burning the suicide note. Veer sees Naina everywhere out of guilt. Veer is caught red-handed this time.

Raghav knows Veer’s reality and regrets to not believe Naina. Veer realizes it was Raghav’s plan and they both argue. Veer gets arrogant again. Raghav asks Veer to accept truth in front of everyone. Veer refuses. Sanjana stops them from fighting and assures Raghav that Veer will do as Raghav said. She asks Raghav to give some time to Veer and not tell anyone the truth. She makes Veer apologize. Raghav goes. Sanjana calms down Veer and asks him to plan to fail Raghav’s move. What will Sanjana and Veer do now? Will Raghav be able to expose Veer in front of Mehra family and get justice for Naina? Keep reading.


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