Naina and Raghav’s separation twist in Pardes


Naina and Sanjana get mehendi applied in the mehendi function. Sanjana gets angry seeing Dadi loving Naina so much. Dadi is happy that Naina and Raghav’s relation got fine.

Dadi does not let Naina work. She asks Sanjana to move aside and makes Naina sit. She gives importance to Naina and asks the girls to apply mehendi to Naina. Naina snatches the limelight from Sanjana. Sanjana thinks to stain Naina’s image in Dadi’s eyes, so that Dadi starts hating Naina. Veer troubles Naina. Naina removes her slippers and threatens to slap him with her slippers. Veer takes revenge by blaming Naina to harass him, and being characterless to leave Raghav and get after him.

Naina and Raghav have got much differences. They don’t want to get separated. They both are right, but are affected by the situation. Sanjana fills Raghav’s ears against Naina. Naina sees Raghav with Sanjana and misunderstands. Raghav can’t believe Naina is wrong. Naina is proved wrong by all the family members. Naina left Mehra house. Asha could not see Naina’s insult and brought her home. Naina cries and shares her pain with Asha. Naina will prove her innocence and win Dadi and Raghav’s trust.


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