Pihu speaks out Suhail’s murder crime in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita has become spy and enters the jail wearing a burqa. She goes following Suhail. She manages to get entry in central jail. She takes excuse of distributing blankets and sweets to the jail prisoner women. She sees Suhail is disguise and takes a disguise to follow Suhail.

Suhail does not see Ishita. Suhail is clever and does not fall in Ishita’s sight. Ishita will know Suhail’s real intentions behind troubling Ruhi. On the other hand, Pihu cries and is inconsolable. Pihu tells Mrs. Bhalla that Suhail is very bad, he has killed someone. Mihika, Romi and Mrs. Bhalla try to make her fears away.

Mrs. Bhalla says Suhail is a nice guy, he can’t kill someone. Abhishek comes home and asks Pihu what she has seen. Pihu then admits the murder incident, she has seen Suhail shooting someone and killing him. Abhishek gets shocked. Pihu is in trauma and gives statement against Suhail. Suhail meets Niddhi in jail and congratulates her that their plan is going on well. He asks Niddhi to say the next plan. He is playing safe as Raman and Ishita are doubting on him. He is ready to face all of them. Ishita knows Suhail is not a good person and now its her duty to keep him away from Ruhi. Bhalla family has doubt on Suhail. Will everyone be able to explain Ruhi that Suhail is a wrong guy? Keep reading.


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