Tej and Jhanvi’s relation to suffer badly in Ishqbaaz


Rumi plans the series of attacks on Shivay and Anika. She gets determined to stop Shivay from reaching Omkara. Anika sees the route sign boards, which are fixed wrong by Rumi to divert them. Shivay and Anika take the wrong way.

Rumi informs Shwetlana about their plan going right way. Rumi is sure that Shivay and Anika can’t reach Omkara. Anika doubts they have come wrong way. Shivay too thinks the same. Shivay calls Omkara. Omkara does not answer the call. Shivay hits a tree being stuck in the storm. The car does not start after the hit. Shivay and Anika end up getting stuck in the jungle area.

Pinky defends Jhanvi and asks Tej how can Jhanvi be wrong, how can Jhanvi have her sautan at home. She says I told Jhanvi not to let Shwetlana come inside the house, now Shwetlana brought distance between you two.

Pinky angrily shows the reality to Tej. She asks him to think of his three children. She asks Tej and Jhanvi to sort their problems, or end the marriage with a divorce. Dadi gets angry hearing the divorce thing. Everyone worry seeing Dadi getting unwell. Dadi is much upset to see Tej and Jhanvi quarrelling. She asks what will they explain children and new relations, when they are not able to manage their marriage. She tells them that its tough to keep up a marriage, divorce did not happen in this family ever. Tej gives hint that divorce may happen now. Jhanvi shatters. Pinky consoles Dadi. She says Shwetlana has ruined their peace. Dadi asks her to think about family. Pinky alerts Dadi and asks her to explain Tej well to be away from Shwetlana.


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