More challenges lined up for Chakor-Suraj in Udaan


Ragini keeps the food plate away from Suraj. She teases him and asks him to take the food. Suraj is tortured a lot. He is being helpless. He can’t do anything now. Chakor helps Suraj. Bhaiya ji and Ragini are trying new things to trouble Suraj.

Tejaswini meets Suraj and cries seeing his state. She says this devil has done this with you. Suraj consoles her and asks her not to cry. Tejaswini says my son’s state got so worse and cries holding him. She apologizes that she could not help him. She feels it’s the curse affecting him as she has made many bandhuas before, so she is seeing her son as bandhua today. He asks her not to blame herself, as it’s not her mistake, Bhaiya ji is punishing me for my deeds. She asks him to have courage so that he can face Bhaiya ji.

Bhaiya ji says you ruined our happiness by crying aloud and spreading sorrow. He asks Ragini to throw out Tejaswini. Ragini feeds laddoo to Tejaswini angrily, celebrating Makar Sankranti. Chakor asks Ragini to leave Tejaswini leave.


Ragini says I was just time passing with Tejaswini, now you have come and it will be fun to celebrate Makar Sankranti. Bhaiya ji says there is so much entertainment here, there is hero, hero and villain too, along with audience. Ragini agrees with him and asks him to enjoy the entertainment for free. He taunts Tejaswini and calls her Mother India. Bhaiya ji keep new challenges for Chakor. He asks Chakor to make Ragini lose in kite flying competition, only then Suraj will get food. Chakor prepares for the competition, as she has to get food for Suraj. Suraj hopes Chakor will win. Ragini tells Chakor that she will fail her and also her attempts to help Suraj. Ragini says Chakor loves Suraj, and I think she will not run away from competition. Will Chakor succeed to help Suraj? Keep reading.


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