Ishita and Niddhi’s super dramatic confrontation in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita's new battle of justice

Ruhi lies to Ishita about the murder incident. She says she has seen a dream where someone has shot Suhail. She wants to meet Suhail. Ishita stops Ruhi from meeting Suhail. She consoles Ruhi. Ruhi insists Ishita to take her to Suhail once. Ishita tells Ruhi the truth of Suhail, that Suhail’s love is a cheat. She tells Ruhi that Niddhi is Suhail’s sister.

Ishita had to tell truth to Ruhi, as Ruhi was not stopping and going to meet Suhail in the middle of the night. Ishita had no option than revealing Suhail’s truth. Ruhi breaks down knowing everything and says I will ask Suhail why did he do this with me. Ishita comforts Ruhi. Ishita follows Suhail and reaches the jail. Niddhi is in jail, but did not change even a bit. Her hatred and revenge motives towards Bhallas is still the same. Niddhi has come back in Bhalla’s lives. Ishita meets Niddhi and scolds her. Niddhi has brought a storm in Bhalla family and tried to ruin Ruhi’s life. Ishita asks Niddhi to stay away from Ruhi.

Niddhi asks what proof do you want, Suhail is my brother, how will you prove this. Ishita gets angry. She warns Niddhi to not do anything against Ruhi. Niddhi is very clever and made plans against Ruhi. She asks Ishita to control Ruhi, who has madly fallen in love with Ruhi. She says you have no evidence against me. Raman and Abhishek are finding proof against Suhail. Niddhi is targeting Ruhi to ruin Bhallas. Niddhi and Suhail are doing this for family, to take revenge for their dad’s death. Suhail is laying the trap for Ruhi and is glad that Ruhi is caught up. Suhail helps Niddhi by leaking gas in the jail. Niddhi cheats the police and covers herself by a shawl. She tricks the police to run away from the jail. Constable collides with her, and she falls down. Niddhi manages to hide her face and leave from the prison area. She wants to take revenge from Bhallas, by guiding Suhail to fulfill their enmity by ruining Bhallas.


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