Tanuja recalls past memories of Rishi-Tanu’s Kasam


Tanuja has reached the Kali Maa temple. She gets memory flashes and faints. She recalls the past and her love story with Rishi. She gets conscious and remember Tanu and Rishi’s vows of love. Tanuja accepts she is Tanu after she can relate to all incidents of Tanu’s life.

She is very happy to recall her past. She gets excited and tells the temple lady that she is Rishi’s Tanu. The old lady Katyani gives a bad news to Tanuja. Katyani tells Tanuja about Rishi’s kundli truth, that Rishi and Tanu can never unite. She warns Tanuja to be away from Rishi, else it will be dangerous for her. She has to convince Rishi that she is Tanuja. Tanuja dreams that Rishi is confessing love to her. Rishi does not forgive Tanuja, after his family went to jail. He can’t forget Rano’s state in hospital. Rishi asks Tanuja to go away from his life. Will Tanuja explain the truth to Rishi that she is his Tanu? Keep reading.


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