Kartik’s special surprise for Maheshwaris next in Yeh Rishta…


Naira is celebrating Makar Sankranti in Maheshwari family. Goenkas did not invite Maheshwari in the function. Maheshwaris were upset. Singhania family comes to Maheshwari family to celebrate. Naira and Kartik came up with this idea to surprise Maheshwaris.

Maheshwaris get very happy and end their sorrow. Kartik gets even Goenka family there. Rajshri realizes Goenkas does not understand their relation with Kartik. Everyone get happy seeing Kartik giving them respect.

Kartik and Naira’s lovely surprise gives them much happiness. They keep a kite flying competition. Kartik teases Naira and cuts her kite. Naira and Kartik romance. Naira makes Kartik’s dream sequence turn into reality. Naira flirts with him. Kartik gets embarrassed and runs away. Gayu and Naksh play the game and get more enjoyment for the family. Maheshwaris have a great time with Kartik and Naira. They all sing, dance and compete together. Their happiness is very much true. Kartik’s charm really works on all of them. Kartik wins the competition and everyone get glad for him.


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