Rudra-Sahil attempt to find Tia’s past in Ishqbaaz


Anika rushes to help Shivay and make him talk to Omkara to solve the problem. She fights with storm and manages to get the power bank. Rudra gets to know Omkara and Shivay went out together and cheated him. Pinky asks him if he knows where his brothers went. Rudra does not know anything. Pinky calls him useless.

Sahil tells Rudra that even Tia is going somewhere. Rudra wishes Tia leaves the house forever. Sahil says there is something wrong, Tia was speaking love and crying seeing someone’s pic. Rudra says maybe she was saying to Shivay. Sahil says no, she took someone else’s name. Rudra confuses Sahil. Sahil recalls and says it was some name by D. Rudra doubts that Anika was right about Tia, maybe Tia was talking to her husband. He thinks to get some proof against Tia. Rudra and Sahil see Tia leaving and make a plan.

Rudra stops Tia. He says I will drop you to your mum’s house, you are pregnant and can’t drive in this state, Shivay will be angry that I have left you go alone. Tia wants to go alone. She stumbles. Rudra checks if she is drunk. He asks her did she drink in this state. Tia says I m feeling sleepy because of medicines. Rudra asks her to not go to her mum’s house at this time. Rudra thinks to get Tia’s phone to know the secrets. Rudra asks Tia to show her phone. Tia asks him not to bother. Rudra signs Sahil to take Tia’s phone. Tia gets irritated by Rudra. Sahi spreads his things on the floor and asks Tia to help her. Tia calls him careless like Anika. Sahil requests her to help. Tia asks him to ask servants. Rudra asks Tia to help Sahil, as she is also going to have a child now, better practice it. Sahil gets Tia’s phone and asks Rudra to check the pictures in it. Tia worries seeing her husband’s pic. Will Rudra be able to find Tia’s past? Keep reading.


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